Your Builder Support Team

The Builders’ Heating and Cooling Team

Reliable, Dependable, Quality HVAC Services for Builders.

 Why do builders use HomeBridge Canada? The attention to detail, the top-quality equipment, and most importantly, the great service and support. We want to make you happy – and your job a little easier.

What we offer:

We have an extensive team of highly trained, fully accredited, professional designers, installers and service technicians ready to deploy your ideas and turn them into a completed project. All of our HVAC heating and cooling specialists are BCIN certified.

24-hour service. Have a problem at 7pm on a Saturday? No problem. When you call HomeBridge Canada, you speak with a dedicated team member able to address your problem and provide the necessary assistance, fast.

We’re the builders’ heating and cooling support team. We’re on your side, every step of the way.